Enjoy Well-Fitting Conventional Dentures in Dartmouth and Halifax

Atlantic Denture Clinic, with offices in Dartmouth and Halifax, is your source for Nova Scotia conventional dentures. Please read how our 5-step process works.

Step 1 - The process starts with a free initial consultation with Atlantic Denture Clinic. We will get acquainted with each other and take impressions of your mouth if you decide to start the process that day. You are under absolutely no pressure and no obligation. We will take the time to discuss all the options available to you. Impressions are done to ensure the proper fit to your mouth. Our skilled staff will then make models based on the impressions as we prepare for the next step. We will fabricate wax forms on the models that are similar to how your new dentures will be shaped. This appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Step 2 - During this step, the skilled staff of Atlantic Denture Clinic will place the wax rims in your mouth and obtain measurements for the fit of your top denture to your bottom denture. This is critical to ensure your ability to chew properly. The teeth used in your dentures will be selected during this step. You will be involved in selecting the size, shape and colour of your new teeth. Your input gives us an idea of what your smile’s appearance should be. This appointment usually takes about 30 minutes.

Step 3 - Your involvement is highly important in this step. You will be able to see your new teeth as they are set in wax. Changes are still possible at this stage. This is the try-in appointment where you view the size, shape, colour and overall appearance of your new teeth. We also check the balance of your new dentures and make any necessary changes during this step. If you have a spouse or friend that will be looking at your smile often and who might have an opinion about the appearance of your dentures, bring them with you! You can let us know about any little changes you want to make to ensure you get the smile you want. Our skilled team will do our best to create to your exact specifications. This appointment is typically completed in about 30 minutes.

Step 4 - This is the day you get to go home with your new smile. You should consider this as the beginning – not the end. Everybody is different. Some people have worn the same dentures for more than 5 years while others have had the same set for over 20 years. You will need time to get used to eating. As always, patience is a virtue. Atlantic Denture Clinic is here to help and encourages you to call our Dartmouth or Halifax locations if you have any questions or problems. Adjustments and any guidance and help are free as needed. You just have to ask.

Step 5 - At this stage you will come back and see us. We want to know how you are doing with your new dentures after one week. Keep in mind that follow-up adjustments are free as needed. Our friendly team is here to help by answering any questions you might have.

Important: If you have existing dentures, please avoid using Fixodent® or any adhesive on your dentures the day of your appointment at Atlantic Denture Clinic.

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