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Atlantic Denture Clinic has provided the following information to help answer your questions regarding immediate dentures. If you have a question that is not covered here, please call or ask us during your consultation. Our caring team will guide you through the process.

Q: What are immediate dentures?

A: You will never have to go without teeth with the use of immediate dentures, which are made for people who are preparing to extract their natural teeth. Immediate dentures are inserted directly upon extraction. Impressions are taken when you still have your natural teeth to start the fabrication process. Atlantic Denture Clinic works with your dentist or oral surgeon to ensure your immediate dentures are ready when the extraction is complete.

Q: How are immediate dentures different from regular dentures?

A: Traditional dentures are made in a 4-step process. First, an impression of your mouth is taken. Secondly, our skilled staff will measure your bite to see how your mouth comes together. The third step consists of trying on your denture. During this step your new denture teeth are set in wax. You will see the general appearance of the denture. Lastly, your denture is inserted. Immediate dentures are constructed a little differently. Impressions of your mouth are taken and the measure of your bite is usually done during this step. In some instances, we might ask you to come back so we can measure your bite. The try-on step is not done, as we would not be able to set your dentures in wax and have you try them on while you still have natural teeth. Your immediate dentures are inserted at the time of your extraction.

Q: Will I be able to eat and speak normally?

A: Atlantic Denture Clinic advises all patients that you will need to learn how to speak and eat with your new dentures. We recommend soft foods until you are comfortable biting and chewing. Practice and patience are needed when attempting to speak and eat. Don’t worry, your mouth will get used to the denture. You may notice an increase in saliva while your mouth is adjusting.

Q: Will I need to return for follow-up appointments?

A: It is important that the caring staff of Atlantic Denture Clinic in Nova Scotia sees you for follow-up appointments after your extraction. The first follow-up is 24 hours following your extraction and again about 2 days later. We need to ensure that your gums are healing properly. If sore spots develop, please don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment. Typically, a minor adjustment will alleviate your discomfort.

Q: What happens if my immediate denture becomes loose?

A: During the healing process of your gums, the immediate denture will start to become loose. A soft liner, or tissue conditioner, will need to be inserted to help your denture fit better. You may need more than one tissue conditioner. We invite you to call our Dartmouth or Halifax denture office to set appointments as needed. We ask that you do not scrub the soft liner with a brush. Brushing the teeth is fine but brushing the liner can cause it to become rough.

Q: What is a permanent reline or rebase?

A: After 6 months of wearing your immediate denture, a permanent reline or rebase will be needed. A reline is the relining of the inside of your denture. A rebase is simply a new base for your denture. Your gums should be healed after 6 months and the new base or lining will be made to fit your healed gums.

If you have more questions about immediate dentures, please feel free to contact Atlantic Denture Clinic.

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