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Taking the first step in denture treatment is a time most patients look forward to as they are happy about the prospect of ending dental problems. When the day arrives that new dentures are inserted, some patients are shocked that not all dental issues immediately go away. For you to receive the optimal satisfaction of your dentures, it is important to understand all aspects of denture care, whether you have worn dentures before or not. There are misconceptions and erroneous ideas concerning the use and care of complete dentures. At Atlantic Denture Clinic, we want you to understand what to expect.

New Advances Have Greatly Improved Denture Care

Prosthetic dentistry has rapidly advanced as new techniques and materials have improved our ability to replace missing teeth and tissue with functional and natural looking dentures. However, you should understand that dentures, no matter how well they are fabricated, will never function as efficiently as your natural teeth. Your chewing efficiency will likely be 20 percent less than people using natural teeth.

Important to Stay Positive

Patience and a positive mental attitude are critical when learning to use your new dentures. It is a process that will become more natural over time. Don’t expect too much at the very beginning. Atlantic Denture Clinic is here to help and advise you but your own patience and perseverance are critical.

Adjusting to Dentures Is Like Learning a New Skill

Remember when you learned how to swim, ski or ride a bike? These experiences are similar to learning how to use your new dentures. No one is an expert at the very beginning. The amount of time needed to learn how to use your dentures varies and often depends on such factors as:

  • Age
  • General health
  • Nutrition
  • Muscle tone
  • Tissue condition
  • Coordination
  • Mental attitude

We stress that no two patients are alike. You should not expect to have the same results as someone else. But you should keep in mind that millions of people have experienced what you are going through and have adjusted to wearing dentures. Odds are that you will learn to successfully wear your new set.

Beware of Bad Advice

You probably have a friend or family member that has dentures. Many experienced denture wearers consider themselves experts and will likely want to advise you based on their own unique experiences. Take the advice with caution as each individual’s experience is different. Instead, seek advice from the professionals at Atlantic Denture Clinic and receive the support you need to deal with your specific issues.

No Need to Focus on Limitations – Learn to Love Your Smile

Learning to accept the fact that you have certain limitations is an important part of the process. Since you will have dentures from now on, it makes sense to wear them in a manner that will ensure your ability to wear them in the future. Even though you may have some limitations, your dentures will restore your smile, overall facial appearance, speech and your ability to chew once you master their use. Let us walk you through the first few days.

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