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Your first set of dentures will likely not be your last. This is due to the normal shrinkage that occurs in the bone that once supported your natural teeth. Shrinkage is greatest in the first year when your teeth are removed but will continue in an irreversible manner throughout your life. Research has shown that your lower jaw bone shrinks 4 times faster than the upper jaw.

Shrinkage Will Require a Need for New Dentures

As a general rule, the changes in the jaw bone and soft tissue will likely require a new set of dentures within 6 to 10 years, although each individual case is unique. Many patients will need earlier updates through a reline procedure. In a reline, an impression is made to determine the necessary changes and acrylic is used to refit the denture. This process will not alter the appearance, teeth or the bite of your denture. Relines will improve your fit but you may need further adjustments as you would with a new set of dentures.

You Should Be Examined at Least Once a Year

Your tissue and jaw bones were never intended to support dentures. Additionally, the wearing of dentures can damage tissue over time. With this knowledge in mind, Atlantic Denture Clinic advises patients to be examined at least once per year. You should let us know if you have any abrupt or unusual changes immediately. We recommend that anyone who smokes or drinks alcoholic beverages should have an exam every 6 months.

Implants Are Now Used to Add Stability

Some patients may never master the use of dentures. This might be due to the inability to keep the lower denture stable during chewing or the inability to get used to having the palate covered. These problems usually went unresolved in the past but they can be addressed today through dental implants. Implants can help stabilize your lower denture.

Avoid Do-It-Yourself Kits

Atlantic Denture Clinic recommends that you avoid using super glue or do-it-yourself reline and repair kits. Using these products will increase the risk of injury to your mouth while delaying proper treatment. Please call Atlantic Denture Clinic if you have a problem. We have the skill and expertise to handle your situation in a timely manner.

Keep in mind that Atlantic Denture Clinic cannot guarantee results. When you consult with us, a contract is implied by law. We will work to obtain the best results possible but will not guarantee any specific results. You will find that our skilled, experienced staff is here to help you through every stage of the process.

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